5 Little Ways to be More Elegant in Your Daily Life…

Golden Age Hollywood Actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.
  1. Look Put Together

Now, elegance is about so much more than just fashion, but we’ll get this one out of the way! The topics of fashion and beauty will be discussed much, much more on here. But let’s just go over some basics for right now! What do you think of when you think of elegant clothing? Probably lot of neutrals and jewel tones, right? That’s totally fine if those are your preferred colors, however, elegance doesn’t have a set of colors. I, for one, love pastels.

Light pink is my favorite color, and people can probably notice that by taking one look at my closet, haha! Sure, many people make the mistake of thinking that you must dress in black and white exclusively, but no! Wear whatever colors you like (well, that’s a lie, wearing neon colors might be a bit much). However, keep it simple. Patterns are fine if they are small and aren’t tacky (think small polka dots or a small floral print- keep it dainty).

Try to keep a degree of modesty to what you wear as well. Now, there’s a universally accepted line when it comes to general modesty, we all notice if you walk out of the house in extremely revealing clothing. However, there’s a decent amount of wiggle room in modesty- wherever you fall on that line is totally fine! I’ll even shock you- it’s possible to make a crop top look elegant. I’ll go more into this in my next post, which will be fashion oriented, but if you wear a longer crop top with high-waisted pants or a high-waisted midi or maxi skirt, you can definitely look put together and appropriate for most things!

As for makeup, keep it simple. A natural “no-makeup” makeup look is a good way to go. You can even do a nice eye look, or wear a bold red lip, but I wouldn’t do both together.

Jewelry? Can’t go wrong with small studs, such as pearls or diamond. Even small hoops or tasteful dangle earrings work. Also, one or two bracelets is enough, try not to clutter your wrists! And wear a simple necklaces- stay away from statement ones! The key word, when it comes to everyday jewelry is: dainty. Keep it dainty.

2. Value Intelligence

Now, you don’t need to go to an Ivy League school or have a Mensa-level IQ for this next step, but an elegant lady values intelligence. She is always seeking knowledge and seeking to better herself. For this, reading is big. Make reading apart of your everyday routine, even for just 15 minutes before bed! Read a book, some articles, anything really.

Find topics that interest you, and dive into them! Being well-versed in topics that intrigue you can go a long way. Think of it this way- an economist may not know rocket science, but a rock scientist may not know economics- they are still both intelligent. Now, you don’t have to apply this to careers or school, of course. An elegant woman just enjoys the pursuit of knowledge.

Another great method for learning is podcasts, or even YouTube. There’s billions of videos and podcasts out there, on any topic. Want to learn about fashion history? The possibility of life on Mars? The rise and fall of the Roman Empire? There’s Youtube channels and Spotify podcasts dedicated solely to those topics.

We must always “train our brains” and seek knowledge throughout life. There’s so many more ways to do this besides books and podcasts. If you’re in school, join a school club. If you aren’t in school, join a group centered around your interests. Use language learning apps like Duo-lingo or Babble (you can actually learn a lot from them and doing it daily helps with discipline). There’s many ways to learn and continue to grow throughout life, step three is similar to this step…

3. Have Hobbies

An elegant woman has hobbies. Step 2 can be extremely helpful in developing hobbies, and you need to have them! Have you noticed that since most people have become addicted to social media and cell phones, hobbies have become more and more scarce? Now, I’m young, soon to be 22, but even I have noticed this. People get home from work or school and sit on their phones or watch Netflix or Youtube, while surfing through social media.

Now, I’ve fallen victim to this too. However, what we must do is realize this and work on it. Hobbies are vital. They help us learn about ourselves. They give us another sense of purpose and give us another dimension of ourselves. They make us more interesting and give us something to talk to others about. Developing regular hobbies is something that I’m actively working on as well, so please leave a comment on what hobbies you enjoy!

Many things can be a hobby: hiking, going to the gym, recreational sports, walking your dog, keeping and caring for any pets, gardening, playing an instrument/singing, volunteering, baking, art, jewelry making, writing/journaling…the ideas are endless. It is important to maintain consistency with your hobbies by doing them regularly (hopefully, daily!) Also, having a variety of interests, in different areas, is important. So, set app limits, be mindful of screen time, and get to painting! Or hiking, or kayaking, or gardening, or whatever else!

4. Don’t be Lazy

This is a very hard one at times, but an elegant lady is not lazy! Many things can cause us to be lazy- lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, procrastination, etc. We must work through difficulties! Yes, breaks and relaxation are important, but they only feel good when earned. If you find this step particularly hard, don’t worry, this step is something that I struggle with as well!

One way I combat this, is through forming routines. For example, my night routine is: to do my skincare, brush my teeth, sit at my desk with a cup of warm Sleepy Time tea, and journal and pray, then make a schedule for the next day, set my alarm, and hop into bed with my reading light and a book. I try to read at least one chapter every night.

I mentioned writing a list for the next day. This is another way that I have combatted laziness and procrastination. I find planning my next day as enjoyable and it gives me something to look forward to. Do this even on days off of work or school! As well as my night routine, I also have a standard morning routine. That’s imperative in starting the day off on a productive foot! I would stress going to the gym/exercising every morning, as it does so much in terms mood elevation, energy, and focus for the rest of the day! Even if mornings aren’t manageable for you, finding someway to get daily exercise in is crucial.

5. Be Kind, Giving, and Use Your Manners!

An elegant lady is kind, she is giving, and she surely says her please and thank you’s! Make sure to be kind to everyone- animals and people! Help that lost pet, take an elderly lady’s car (if she’s done with it) and walk it over to the cart corral for her, smile and compliment a stranger, etc. Never, ever be rude to strangers or “the help” (servers, cashiers, etc)- be gracious for their help and never take a bad day out on them! Alway choose kindness. If someone is rude to you, take the higher ground and remain calm, collected, and positive. If someone gossips about you, don’t do it back, instead find a polite way to say that you don’t appreciate that and would like petty rumors to please stop. It’s hard, but it pays off and gains you respect.

Give. Volunteer in your community or through your church. Donate money, items, baked goods/food to those in need. Trust me, this is where true happiness comes from- helping other, especially those in need and you can make some great friends through other volunteers or those your helping!

Good manners go along way. These are essential in developing class and elegance. Remember that it’s always better to say “please” and “thank you” too much than to say them too little! Tell somebody it’s nice to meet them, then tell them “it was nice meeting you” when you say goodbye. Avoid making people uncomfortable by oversharing or prying. Don’t curse or use vulgar language. Clean up after yourself and offer to help clean up after dinner at another person’s home. Compliment people, especially when they do something for you- such as cook for you or get you a gift. These are just the basics, but necessary in being elegant.

I hope this article has helped you and that you found it enjoyable to read! I had fun writing it! I apologize that it was published so late in the day, but I finished my last round of summer classes earlier! I’m so thankful that I can finally enjoy what’s left of my summer break (I took 13 credits in two different summer terms- four weeks then five weeks! Nine weeks total! Just to get some gen eds out of the way!) Don’t forget to add my blog to your favorites and follow my instagram (linked above) so that way you stay up-to-date on all of my articles! I hope to have a mailing list soon! Have a wonderful night, lovelies, xx! ♡

  1. I really don’t find Kate that elegant but thank you for the post all the same.

  2. I very much agree with your conclusions, people need attention and think that having bad taste will cause admiration and…


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